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My friend Randy Booth recently preached a sermon on blogging and the cursing of Shimei. The sermon notes were really good, and I recommend you take a look at them here.

Randy is planning a series of messages at his home church on this general theme, and so after waiting an appropriate period of time (I mean, let the man preach them first), I would suggest that you all start clamoring for CMF to carry these messages.

1. “Stones, Curses, and Character: www.shimei.com

2. “Gossips and Busybodies: What the Internet Does to Others — 1 Tim. 5:13

3. “Creeping into Households: What the Internet Does to Us” — 2 Tim. 3:6

4. “Dark Corners and Evil Deeds: The Internet, Cowards, and Accountability” — John 3:19-20

5. “The Snare of the Devil: The Internet and Evil Men” — 2 Tim. 2:23-26

This will be a really important series of messages.

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