A Little Bit Thin

Posting might be a little bit thin for a few days. We just finished our ministerial conference in Moscow yesterday, and are now in Bellevue for the 2006 meeting of Anselm Presbytery. Augustine Presbytery met on the East Coast last week, and, from what we hear, they had a glorious time. At any rate, things are hopping but should be back to normal by Monday. I also wanted to mention that one of our speakers at the ministerial conference this year was Ken Myers, who did a first rate job. The speakers this year were Peter Leithart, Ken Myers, Doug Jones, Nate Wilson, and me. The topic was pop culture (and, in the course of advertising the conference, we had a real live skirmish with the legal department of Coca Cola, which I will tell you about sometime). The tapes will be well worth listening to, and you can get them from Canon Press. And Ken’s work can be pursued further here.

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