Well Of Course We Can Do That

“In fact, as we have seen, every church has a liturgy. Every church has an order of service. But those which deny they have a liturgy have the side ‘benefit’ of not having to defend what they do scripturally. To take an example from each side of this thing, a minister of a church which recites the creeds will commonly be called upon to defend the practice from Scripture (which can readily be done, but that is not the point here), while a pastor of a church which has a place in the liturgy for congregational ‘sharing’ does not have to show scriptural warrant for the practice. In our day, the need to defend sharing is as invisible as air. But if we come to see it as an element of liturgy, we should want our liturgy to be biblical. Where does the Bible tell us to have sharing time? Or a skit? But because the skit is just ‘an idea,’ no one thinks that the practice should be defended from Scripture. But of course, all our worship should be scriptural” (Mother Kirk, p. 151).

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