The Spirit Brings Us

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Christ is everything to us. We were saved by Christ, we are being saved in Christ, and we will be saved to the final image of Christ. Christ is the way to the Father, and we all, like lost children, must be brought to the Father.

This is the Father’s Table. He set it—it was His will that issued the invitation, and to which the Lord submitted in the Garden. This is the Lord’s Table—His is the body we partake of, and His is the blood we drink. This is the Spirit’s Table, for He is the one who brings each of us here.

Christ brings us to the Father, and He does so by the power of the Spirit. This is all done on the basis of His death, burial and resurrection, embodied here for us. These emblems of bread and wine are the ground of our confidence. The instrument of our confidence is our evangelical and living faith. The object of our confidence is Christ and Him crucified, and we may have confidence for we know that Christ was impaled in that way in submission to the will of the Father, and brought to that point of extreme obedience by the Holy Spirit of God.

We do not have faith in God on autopilot. We are not permitted to just close our eyes and go. We see and believe. We hear and believe. We come because we believe. We are assembled here in faith, are we not? So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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