The Sin of Not Listening

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Father we confess to you that when men have been sent to our nation to speak prophetically, we have not listened to your appointed servants. We have stopped our ears. We have reinterpreted your words to suit our own desires. Our Father, the nation has turned far away, and has not listened to those whom You have sent. We pray You will forgive us for this in Jesus name.

We know, Father, that if we in the Church regard iniquity in our own midst, or in our own hearts, this prayer will be ineffectual.

We also know, Father, that we as Your church, as the people who are called by your name, have not heard Your prophets either. We have ostracized and shunned them. We have laughed and scorned them. We have been a weak and poor model for the nation in what they are supposed to do.

Father, we confess our own sins to You now, and high in the list is the sin of not listening to You—and Selah . . . We do this in the strong name of Jesus, and amen.
God has heard your prayer, and you need no longer say, “I am sick.” Your iniquities are forgiven. As a minister of Jesus Christ and by the blood of the Son, I declare to you that your sins are forgiven through Christ.

Congregation: Thanks be to God!



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