The Dislocated Center

The center of the Christian life is union with Christ. This means that the center of the Christian faith is the Incarnation.

Mankind was created in Adam to be the center of all the created order—everything in this world is meaningless without the part to be played by man. There is no point without us. We are no afterthought, but rather God created us, and set us over the work of His hands. What is man, that God was so mindful of him?

But man, the center of this created order, rebelled against God. He remained the center, but the reality of our sin meant that center was now dislocated, and everything was put out of joint. When Adam fell, all the created order fell beneath him in a heap, and since that time has been groaning and longing for the restoration.

This restoration is found in Jesus Christ, the ultimate and absolute man. But Jesus Christ does us no good at all unless we are united to Him, fully and completely. He is not God’s wonder worker, off to the side. Rather, He is the second Adam, the one who restored the dislocated center, and who authoritatively summons every creature to be united to Him. You have been united to Him by faith, and you have obeyed His summons in coming here.

But you also should know that the faith which unites you to Him needs to be nourished, and needs to grow. At this Table, in this moment, God nourishes your faith, strengthens it, and makes you fit for His purposes in you. Do not neglect the observance of His sacraments—but also remember that one of the most common ways of neglecting them is to forget the point of them. God is restoring the human race in Jesus Christ. You are in Him, so continue to grow up to maturity in Him. God is making us into true human beings. So eat, and be satisfied.

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