Thanks From Minneapolis

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For the last few days, Nancy and I have been at the Desiring God pastors’ conference in Minneapolis, and our time here has been wonderful. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the other speakers, and hearing them speak, and the hospitality of the saints here has been exceptional. Our particular thanks to John Piper, for his continued generosity to us.

This time well spent at DG is also (no doubt) part of the reason I have not been blogging about Newt losing in Florida, not to mention my passing by the Rogue Elephant Room in almost complete silence.

You can interpret it in other ways if you like. You could treat my silence over Romney carrying Florida as me not wanting to pressure test my optimistic eschatology beyond what it could bear. That’s a possibility.

And you might guess that I have been silent about the Elephant Room fracas because I have spotted an even bigger elephant outside the room, and am trying to get a bead on that. Could be something in that.

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