Spiritual Bone Cancer

Father in heaven, we know that rottenness in the bones is not simply a consequence of sin, but is the sin itself. When we are not being honest with You, we are trying to hide sin, or spin it, or explain it, or otherwise manage it. We confess to You that as a nation, we have this peculiar kind of bone cancer, and that we cannot make ourselves whole. We pray that Your Spirit would sweep across this nation, and turn us back to You. Turn us, Lord, and we will be turned. Save us, and we will be saved.

We know, Father, that if we in the Church regard iniquity in our own midst, or in our own hearts, this prayer will be ineffectual.


Father, though we are called by Your name, we confess that have not embodied a gospel of transformation by grace. We ask You to forgive us, and grant us the spirit of reformation and revival. Forgive us for anything that has impeded this, we pray.

Father, we confess our sins and failures now—and Selah . . . We pray this in the great name of Jesus, and amen.

Our God is the Lord of all strength. He is our joy and our forgiveness. He has enabled us to walk on the high hills of cleansing and forgiveness. So in the name of Jesus, I declare that your sins are forgiven through Christ.

Thanks be to God.

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