Secularism and the Blood

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This is Ascension Sunday, the day on which we mark the ascension of the Lord Jesus to the right hand of the Ancient of Days. We confess explicitly on this day what we affirm on every day, which is that the Lord Jesus has been given universal authority over every nation.

As a consequence—because we have been purchased with His blood—we do not have the right to ignore Him, or to pretend that His authority is irrelevant to us. Secularism is a doctrine that denies the power of the blood of Jesus Christ to purchase. God has given Him universal authority over all nations, and we have no right to reject this commission without a better argument than the one presented by the blood of Jesus.

In order for secularism to be true, Jesus would have had to shed His blood in vain, and the Ancient of Days would have had to refuse to grant Him the nations of men as His birthright. But this is not what happened at all. Ask of me, the Father said, and I will give You the ends of the earth as Your inheritance.

This is what Ascension Sunday means. It means that we are not trapped under the rule of scoundrels. We are not hemmed in by petty tyrants. It means that there is a court of appeal that transcends all thrones of iniquity and all courtrooms of deceit. It means that we may appeal to the God of all that is right—and we make this appeal by worshiping Him.

The answer to those who see mankind governed without reference to the blood of Jesus is to make that blood the explicit foundation of our approach to God. Jesus shed His blood on earth, for earth, and He presented that blood in Heaven, to bring earth to Heaven, and Heaven to earth. We are convinced of this, and so we have assembled to worship Jesus, the Lord of every nation.

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