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A few weeks ago, Logos School had their annual grandparents’ day, in which the living  ancestors of the students visited the classrooms, and saw the special assemblies, and generally had a good time. In the afternoon, Nancy was able to see the music performance as the kids demonstrated the kind of music education that is happening at Logos. She was just blown away by what is happening, at what the kids are being taught to do.

This Saturday night, May 18th, a bunch of Logos dads (and grandfathers) fittingly called the Logos Dads, will be holding a concert at the Nuart here in Moscow, at 7 o’ the pm. The official name of the concert is “The Mike Rench Memorial Music Drive Concert”, and is presented by The Logos Dads Band (and friends). Some of the higher parts on the Great Gig number are clearly not sung by dads. Those would be the friends. Here is the link to the concert’s Facebook page, and here is the link to the original promo trailer for the concert.

As if that were not enough, there is also a bookcase made out of a piano that is going to be auctioned off. All the proceeds from this evening go to grow and bless the music program at Logos, including the proceeds from this item. Now please take note, in the pictures below, the books there are a first edition of Calvin’s Institutes, which are NOT included with the bookcase (get your own, man), but Canon Press has graciously donated a number of their titles signed by the authors, to go with the bookcase. Just think what those will be worth in 500 years. Or maybe not.

The concert is free, no cover charge, but there will be some open guitar cases, just like the guys on the street in downtown Spokane have, for those who want to bless the music program at Logos. Bucer’s will be providing the refreshments, but we would like to remind everyone that all who partake must be street legal.

I have really been enjoying the rehearsals. This really is going to be a blast.


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