Reductio Ad Infernum

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A college in Washington is allowing a man who thinks he is a woman (where? down in his heart!) to make free use of the women’s locker room. So although he is a male, his internal confusions qualify him as one of those T things that the progressives love to go on about when they are talking about GLBTQ issues. But that list of letters is only going to grow, along with the consternation of the regular girls in the locker room. What about screwers of pooches (SoP)? What about foot fetishists (FF)? I think we need to get the UN in here to sort this out.

Will there be outrage over this? Well, probably . . . directed at me for trying to reach out to the SoP community. But these are times that call for a courage that is willing to be lonely and kind of out there. Think of it as practicing for the outer darkness.

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