Psalm Off Results

Apologies to all for the delay in announcing the results of our Psalm-Off contest. We had some technical challenges in getting the entries to our judges, plus some other issues, and so I wasn’t able to announce anything last Friday as we had said we would do. My bad.

Let us break this out into bad news and good news, in that order. First, the bad news. We had hoped to be able to put together an album of the better entries, and the composite wisdom of our judges was that we did not have enough quality songs to do that.

There were some creditable entries from Clint Hughes, the Everlasting Word Band, and others, and we got enough good entries to be really encouraging. This is the kind of thing that I would like to continue to promote and encourage. In some respects, it seemed to us that what we really need is a producer with a lot of money (Eccles. 10:19), who would help keep the production values more uniform and even. The talent appears to be out there.

At the same time, we do have some definite news to announce as a result of all this. This is the good news. Canon Press is now negotiating with the band Brother Down in Santa Cruz in hopes of releasing an album of Reformation-era psalms, all done in their distinctive style. Their two entries were Psalm 13, and Psalm 75. Our judges were really impressed. You can click on the psalm titles to hear them.

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Any update on a Brother Down album?

Andrew Lohr

Grace mercy and peace from Him. All the best in getting Psalms sung. Love God, love God’s lyrics. My wife-darling got me to a Blue Man Group concert; triune Jehovah, yet more dear, got me to…Psalms, eh? Here are some Psalm singing resources everyone is free to use; I’m not the musician to sell them, but I think I’m enough of a musician to show their potential to a real musician who’s interested. So everyone use freely (even to make money on your own versions of these.)–part of Psalm 103 to part of Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” –A… Read more »