Propitiation or Wrath

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Gracious Father, You are the one who sent Jesus Christ into the world, to be the propitiation for our sins. And yet, Father, we have tried to claim that we do not need this propitiation, which leaves us under Your righteous and holy wrath. Have mercy on us, we pray.

We know, Father, that if we in the Church regard iniquity in our own midst, or in our own hearts, this prayer will be ineffectual.


Father, we confess that Your people have not been bold enough in the proclamation of blood atonement. Forgive us for this grievous sin we pray

Father, we confess our own sins and failures to You now—and Selah . . . We pray this in the strong name of Jesus, and amen.

God has heard Your prayer, offered in the name of Jesus. As minister of this same Jesus, and by the authority of His blood, I declare your sins forgiven through Christ.

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