Pies, Heavenly and Earthly

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“We have two directions in which we may look, and they are as follows. From the vantage point of our present suffereings, we may look back at the old creation, a creation which ends in the death of all living things. We may look to the way of the flesh, but the days of the flesh are numbered. IF we look that way, we will die. But from the vantage point of the Spirit’s present work, in the midst of our sufferings, the only alternative is to look to the future, but not to the immediate future, the day after tomorrow. We are looking to a world made new, not because we deny this present world, but rather because we understand what is currently going on in this present world. All this will be dismissed as ‘pie in the sky’ by scoffers, but we should not be swayed by them. Those who dismiss heavenly pies are not to be trusted with earthly pies” (Heaven Misplaced, pp. 41-42).

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