Partaking to Partake

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Our corporate participation in this meal, together with all other saints in the world, is a corporate participation in one person, the Lord Jesus. This means, obviously, that He is no ordinary person, but rather is an Adam.

Adam was a public person—that is, we were in him when he sinned. His sin was ours, and was justly reckoned to us. But the last Adam is also a public person—we believers were in Him, and were justly represented in Him, when He refused sin. His obedience was ours, and was justly reckoned or imputed to us.

When Adam reached for the fruit, in that fatal moment, the hand and arm which reached out toward it were your hand and arm. The fact that you were entailed in sin from the moment of your conception is no injustice to you. Adam represented you well. But there is glory on the flip side of this as well. When Jesus extended His hands and arms so that He might be bound and led away (Matt. 27:2), those were your hands and arms as well. His obedience in His suffering is imputed to You as well.

This is why you can come to partake of this meal at all. You come to partake of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ, and on the basis of His perfect obedience which has been credited, reckoned, and imputed to you. Our salvation is necessarily corporate. We must partake of Jesus Christ in order to be able to partake of Jesus Christ.

You must be worthy to come, but your worth is found in coming. You must be clean to come, but the cleansing is here. You must partake in faith, but faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Listen then to the Word of God.

Come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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