Our Ruling Class

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I wanted to make sure that I made at least a couple points about this particular travesty from The Journal of Medical Ethics, HA! (JMEH!).

The first point to make is that when men have lost their soul, they have not yet necessarily lost their capacity to reason. They can still say B, and do so because they said A earlier. They are exactly right that there is no moral difference between killing a child here and killing a child there. But there are two ways to remove the inconsistency — you can say B, and then C, so on down the line until you get to H for Holocaust, or Hell, take your pick. The other way to remove the inconsistency is by repenting of having said A. God is in Heaven, and He remains just. It would serve us well to remember that God is angry at America’s ruling class, with us for tolerating them.

The second observation is for the Christians. Anybody who believes that these people are ever going to voluntarily quit pushing the envelope is well past the legal limits for naivete. These ghouls aren’t going to stop until they have Lot’s house completely surrounded, and YHWH takes it from there. They will not stop. They can of course be stopped by divine judgment, but is there any other way?

They might be stopped by an outpouring of authoritative grace, but that depends entirely on whether the Church repents. They have to repent of their bloodlust, but before that happens Christians generally have to repent of thinking that sexual/gender/life/pronoun/homo issues are no big deal. All together now, our leaders tell us, those things are “NOT THE GOSPEL!” No, but they are law, and a man cannot be converted by the gospel without repenting. And repentance is measured by the law. Not only must Christians repent of our minimizing of this, but the Christian ruling class must also repent. Yes, we do have a ruling class, and yes, they have the same epistemological cooties as the other ruling class, being as they are a subset. We will know that this repentance has occurred when the mainstream opinion among us is that the Bayly brothers are kind of liberal when it comes to these things.

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