Our Own Glory

Father over all, we confess that as nation we have pursued our own glory, and we have not pursued righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, or gentleness. We confess this failing to You with grief, and we ask You to restore us again. We pray that we would repent of our self-sufficiency, and that we would acknowledge that only You can establish a throne in righteousness.

We know, Father, that if we in the Church regard iniquity in our own midst, or in our own hearts, this prayer will be ineffectual.

Father, we confess that the Church has not fought the good fight of faith as we ought to have done. We have not laid hold of eternal life as we ought to have. Our pulpits have not preached a blood-bought salvation as they ought to have. We confess our faults in this, and we humbly beg You, for the sake of Jesus Christ alone, to forgive us for this.

Father, we confess our own particular sins and faults to You now—and Selah . . . We pray this in the strong name of Jesus, and amen.

It is the declared intention of God to make your forgiveness an honor before all the nations. And so, because of God’s gracious promise, in the name of Jesus, I declare to you that your sins are forgiven through Christ.

Thanks be to God.

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