On Building a Potato Gun in the Garage

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January 13, 2013

Our office has been asked for a statement from Douglas Wilson on the news that he has been formally uninvited from delivering the prayer at President Obama’s Second Inauguration.

This controversy, as many know, revolves around the fact that Pastor Wilson made a joke a number of years ago in a sermon about how Brian McLaren’s theology was gay enough to be made conga queen at the Fire Island Fruit Festival. When the AP asked Pastor Wilson about the joke, he had forgotten about it completely. When the tape was played, Pastor Wilson laughed all over again, and said he still didn’t remember saying that, but the voice was certainly his, and that the joke was his kind of funny enough for him to have told it. He was dropped from the program the following day, and drone harpies from Homeland Security have been circling over his house ever since.

Since the controversy broke, he has been in the garage, trying to build a potato gun that will reach the drones, but took a short break in order to reply to these inquiries. His statement about the controversy is below, with the sincere hope that this will put the controversy to rest.

“As those who follow the passionate range of this ministry know, the beating heart of our vibrant ministry does not consist of telling poofter jokes. As those close to our effervescent ministry of gospel zest can attest, I tell such jokes only rarely, every three weeks or so. Other groups, Swedes, to take one example, are a much more common subject of my humor, such as it is. I hope this helps to put things into perspective, and if this apology seems too unapologetic, then I trust I will be unapologetic about that as well. If that is insufficient, my sincerest apologies.”

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