Not Impersonal Fuel

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We are not coming to the Lord’s Supper as though it were a gas station, and as though the grace imparted were the fuel.

It is true that the Scriptures speaking of grace, and mercy, and peace as abstract nouns. This is certainly a scriptural way of speaking, provided we do not do what sinners love to do with this kind of thing, detaching such glorious words from their context and their life.

We are not coming here for a “substance” called grace. We are coming here to meet with Christ. Everything we have that is spiritually worthwhile is found in Him. We may therefore speak of grace being added, or multiplied, so long as we know what we mean by it.

If we were to begin speaking of our marriages the way some Christians speak of their sanctification, we would soon be measuring the health of our relationships in Spousal Affection Units, or SAUs for short. If we resist this mechanistic way of thinking, it is certainly appropriate to speak of peace residing in a home, or graciousness being pervasive there. But all this is anchored to a right understanding of the relations that necessarily must pertain between persons.

So then, we are communing with Christ here. We are worshipping Him. We are being knit together in Him, bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. We are not a machine that runs on grace-gas. We are a body that is nourished and cherished by love.

Here, at this Table, we have the privilege of communing together with Christ, as He accomplishes this tremendous work. He is the Lord of the Table. We are meeting with Him.

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