No Hope Without Jesus

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The Bible teaches that sin is organic. It grows and develops, and does so in a natural progression. There are many images of this, but the upshot is that the harvest of terrible consequences does not look anything like the field did when it was first planted.

When sin is trans-generational, this means that the apparent innocence occurs in one generation, and the subsequent payout occurs in the third and fourth generation. So, then, when we sin with our fathers, this does not mean that everything looks the same way. The same sin may look bright green and promising in one era, and dark and forbidding in another.

Our sin, our central sin, our glaring sin, is the sin of secularism. We call it secularism, pretending that nations have the option of being neutral about who Jesus is, but secularism is actually corporate unbelief, national unbelief.

This secularism, the sin we have committed with our fathers, looked quite different in their era than it does in ours. In their era, it looked like traditional values that were self-evident; it our era it looks like the abortion carnage, homosexual perversion parades, and looting the public treasury. When we ask the question, “How did we get here?” the answer is that we sinned with our fathers.

Never forget—no deliverance without a deliverer. No salvation without a savior. No rescue without a rescuer. And this means we are lost without Jesus.

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