Make a Rude Face

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I have recently put together the pieces of a blunder I made repeatedly over the course of a number of years. One sample of this foul deed can be found on page 108 of The Case for Classical Christian Education, but I know I made the mistake in a number of places, mostly in talks. So if you run across it anywhere, on tape or in print, please make rude faces and ignore me.

In a nutshell, the mistake has to do with the words psychikos and physikos, both of which are rendered as natural in different places in the New Testament. The word psychikos is translated that way from 1 Cor. 2:14 and the word physikos is translated that way in Rom. 1:26-27. In Studies in Words, C.S. Lewis discusses Aristotle’s use of physikos at length. Anyway, at some point I got the words jumbled and thought that in 1 Corinthians Paul was interacting with a word that had Aristotle’s shadow looming behind it, when it turns out Aristotle was off somewhere else doing something relatively innocent. Anyhow, my apologies.

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