Looking Up in Faith

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“This doctrine of the triumph of the gospel encourages, and the fact that we need encouraging should be evident . . . A modern Christian has been watching the news on his nineteen-inch color TV set, in the living room of his home. He switches the set off and comments to his wife that the world is in a horrible condition. he wonders how long it can go on — he is very discouraged as he goes to the refrigerator for a cold drink. An old Puritan is tied to a stake, and is about to be burned alive for his faith. He lifts his head to heaven and rejoices that Christ is on the throne, and that He will be worshipped from the river to the ends of the earth. What is the difference between these men? Very simply, it is a matter of faith in the promise of God to save the world. One sits in ease and is overwhelmed with troubles. The other is surrounded by troubles, and yet speaks the word that goes forth conquering and to conquer. The first has won his life in what he thinks is a losing battle. The second is losing his life in what he knows to be a winning battle” (Mother Kirk, p.41).

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