Little Grace, Great Grace

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Growing in grace is like climbing a tree, as the Puritan William Bridge once observed. When you want to grow in grace, what do you do? Well, you start with the lowest branches, those which are close to the ground. This is another way of saying that you start where you are.

There are doctrines near the top, and there are doctrines right next to the ground—where a child can climb. The doctrines near the top would be those issues that roil theologians of various traditions. The doctrines near the ground would be the fact that God loves you, and invites you to partake with one another in love. Another doctrine near the ground is that you cannot deserve to climb—climbing is a gift, not a reward. Another branch next to the ground is that all of us are climbing together.

As you begin, meditate on those things you understand. Reflect on them, chew on them, give thanks for them. You can be assured that nothing you learn here will conflict with anything you will learn later. Small achievements in grace will never collide with great achievements in grace. The beginning of a task is not contradictory to the completion of it.


Little grace is not contradicted by great grace.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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