Kudos to the ADF

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It is good to see Protestants joining the fray against the contraceptive mandate issued by the Thrones, Dominions, Principalities and Powers at HHS. While Protestants do not share the Roman Catholic view of every form of birth control, they are in full agreement on the unlawfulness of abortifacients, and the mandate issued by Sebelius requires an employer to pay for such abortifacients. The mandate, if obeyed, would violate the Protestant conscience every bit as much as it does the Catholic conscience.

And besides, whether or not anybody’s views of contraception are correct, in a free country they ought to be allowed to have them. Right? That’s kind of the point.

The incipient despotism on display throughout Obama’s insolent manner of governance is highlighted here. Sarah Palin’s prescient comment about “death panels” has been fully vindicated now. Under Obamacare, anybody who thinks that decisions about the end of life would not be made in exactly the same highhanded manner that this issue about the beginning of life is being handled is more than a tad naive, and ought to have his Sojourners subscription revoked.  

Consequently, it is good to see Protestants in the fight. The Alliance Defense Fund has filed suit against the Federal Government on behalf of Geneva College and Louisiana College, challenging the constitutionality of the mandate. You can read more about it here and here, and as the Lord leads you can certainly support the ADF in this crucial case.

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