Kings and Priests, Not Martinets

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We have been considering this Table as a place where we, the people of God, give counsel to our Lord. In one sense, this may sound exciting, but taken another way, it should be troubling.We must never forget the Creator/creature distinction. And this means that we must never pretend that we have knowledge, or wisdom, or input that God does not already have. God in His transcendence no more needs counsel from me on how to run the world than He needs me to help push in order to keep the earth spinning on its axis. We must never forget the important sense in which all creatures are superfluous.

At the same time, we have to remember the fact of creation. And when God created us in His image, He did this so that we might grow up into maturity. A wise father can seek counsel from his teenage son, not because he needs to receive that counsel, but because the teenage son needs to learn how to give it.

As part of this intent and plan, God bridged the Creator/creature divide in the Incarnation. In this astonishing action, the human race, remade, has been united (forever) with the Godhead. We are the Bride of Christ, and He is the Bridegroom. And what kind of husband is He? The kind that demands His wife shut up, and walk three paces behind Him? No, He—and this is astonishing—seeks our counsel. This is not because He is not a fit husband, but rather because He is growing us up into a fit wife, without any deficiency whatever.

God has made us kings and priests on the earth. He has not made us martinets, but rather men and women, created in His image, designed to grow up into wisdom and maturity—to the point where we will judge angels.

History matters. Maturity matters. If we want to be effective in our postmillennialism, then we have to hold the Creator/creature distinction and to reality of the Incarnation. If we miss this, the result will be a static form of amillennialism.

Coming to this Table, remember who you are. You are a member of a race that was made from the dust of the ground. Do not presume to lecture God on what He should do. As you come to this Table, remember who you are. You are created in the image of God, and are being restored in that image through Jesus Christ. Part of that restoration is learning to think the way God thinks, and to submit your counsel to Him humbly. We are at the Table with our Incarnate Lord. He does not want us to eat in silence, like some browbeaten or frightened wife.

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