Intergalactic Reptiles Had Nothing to Do With It

About three years ago I wrote an article entitled “Who You Gonna Believe? Me or Your Lying Eyes?” The article addressed the hyper-ness of all “connect-the-dots” conspiratorial thinking, along with my impression (I used the phrase “it seems plain to me”) that the New York 911 skyscrapers had been brought down by some form of controlled demolition. One of things that had bothered me (and still does) about the official account was the practical failure to distinguish reasonable questioners from full-fledged conspiratorialists. Whenever the latter were shouted down, it looked like the former were being declared out of bounds also. The towers coming down the way they did sure looked fishy to me, and would somebody please explain to me why that couldn’t be. Well, somebody finally did, and more about that in a minute.

At the same time, my article spent much of its space guarding against the conspiratorial mindset — the article also said, with regard to who, that I was a “911 agnostic that way.” “I really don’t know who did this thing. No idea.” I went on to give compelling reasons why it wouldn’t have been the Bush administration, and I had the good sense to say nothing whatever about intergalatic reptiles.

Having said all that, the article was never published. For various reasons, we put it in the archives, never to come out to wave at the cheering crowds. But because some of my questioning of the official account has seeped out (on this blog), I wanted to publish something now under the heading of “Retractions.”

My fundamental question had to do with the appearances of the Twin Tower collapse. That sure looked like a controlled demolition, my eyes seemed to tell me. So, I finally came across an account of the collapse of WTC Towers by an expert, whose pithy response really struck a chord with me. You can check the whole thing out here. His first point was particularly telling to me. When told that the collapse “looked like” a controlled demolition, his response was “no, it doesn’t.” Moreover, once he explains it, you can see why it doesn’t simply by looking at the footage again.

Basically, controlled demolitions have more visible characteristics than just a building falling down. The implosion process always begins at the bottom — the building gives at the knees, so to speak, and slumps to the ground. The Twin Towers each collapsed from the points where the planes had struck them. If the whole thing depended on pre-planted explosives, then they had to know what floor to plant them, as well as figure out a way to keep the plane fireball from incinerating the explosives at the time of impact. The only other alternative would be planting the explosives on the correct floor after they saw which floor the planes hit. Since this would involve the explosive demolition teams running up and down along with the firefighters, I think we can rule that out.

This point, in my mind, is actually a controlled demolition of all “inside job” conspiratorial thinking. This really is an explosion on their ground floor. If the Twin Towers were brought down by the planes, period, then we are back to boxcutters and the Conspiracy (as we have come to know it), is no more. We can just say good-bye to all that. Now I know that some who really want to live in Luridville will just think that this is simply me coming to love Big Brother, but that’s all right with me. I got my question answered.

For those interested, I would also recommend Among the Truthers, by Jonathan Kay.



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