Intellectual Schizophrenia

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“By distorting sphere sovereignty, these authors have embraced intellectual schizophrenia. What one believes to be true in one location (church), one must forget when entering the other church he attends (the lab). At the risk of sounding revolutionary, if something is false we should reject it, regardless of the source. And if it is true, we must remember and cherish it, never mind where we go. For these authors to insist that Christians should forget certain truths when they come into the laboratory and pick them up again when they go home is as irrational as to argue that Christians should only hold to the doctrine of the Incarnation every second Tuesday. Why not the other way around? Why not teach evolution in church and look for creation in the lab? Why don’t we all just forget the whole thing, grab a beer, and watch the game?”(The Paideia of God, pp. 129-130).

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