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There are so many exciting developments going on here in Moscow that it is hard to keep track of them all. Why, just yesterday, Christ Church rolled out its new app for iPhones and Android, and if that doesn’t get us out of the Idaho woods, I don’t know what can. Just go to the app store, and search for Christ Church app, make sure which CC it is, and then download it for free.

On another front, I recently wrote about all the doings at Canon Press, and what they have been doing in their new Logos Press division. For just one example, in the fall, Nancy will be teaching an on-line seminar on biblical femininity, which you can read more about here.

To give you a big overview, you can read the following summary from Larry Stephenson, either just below for your convenience, or you can read it here on the Logos site. If you go to the Logos site, you will have access to all the embedded links. The bottom line is that we really want to be full-service providers for the reformational work we are all called to do.

Anyway, here you go . . .

A Message for Classical Christian Educators
From Dr. Larry Stephenson


I pray all is going well as you prepare for next school year; scheduling, hiring personnel, and ordering materials. As an administrator for over 25 years and the head of three small ACCS schools currently, I know the challenges of trying to put together a great staff and great courses for our students. I’m also privileged to be heading up Logos Press, the curriculum division of Canon Press. One of our primary goals is to help support classical, Christian schools all over the world by coordinating resources and connecting like-minded educators. We are thrilled to announce four new ways of doing just that.

Logos Press is in the unique position of having access to many outstanding, experienced teachers. Thanks to today’s technology, we can help you provide your students with outstanding instruction in courses that wouldn’t be available otherwise. These live class sessions will meet every day of the school week for 45-50 minutes.

Customized schedules: These classes are well-suited for ACCS students and schools. We will do what we can to customize classes in a way that best fits your students, and we can connect schools across the country in an online community dedicated to supporting classical Christ-centered education in a local school setting.

More opportunities for your teachers: Do you have part-time teachers that need a full schedule to meet their financial needs? Online teaching opportunities can give your faculty that flexibility. We’ll provide the training and the online classroom—all they need is a computer with a webcam.

We also offer one-hour-per-week, year-long live seminars for teachers, board members, and upper-level students—taught by some of the brightest minds in the classical education movement:

Jim Nance will help your Logic stage teachers better understand how to communicate the fundamentals of thinking to their students.

N.D. Wilson will teach students and teachers alike how to speak convincingly and truthfully, drawing from both classical and contemporary Rhetoric.

George Grant will inspire his students to live large and interact with culture by understanding history.

Douglas Wilson will equip students to understand the importance of practical Christian living and biblical worldview in every area of life.

Nancy Wilson will discuss biblical femininity: what it means, what it doesn’t, and how it is under attack.

Rebekah Merkle will teach fabric and clothing design for those “interested in going beyond the basics” of sewing.

Mitch Stokes will integrate math, science, philosophy, and theology, explaining how they affect everyday assumptions you make about life and faith.

Larry Stephenson will mentor and train ACCS administrators and school boards.

Take advantage of our wholesale discounts and let Logos Press do all your curriculum shopping. Instead of going through the hassle of ordering new books through multiple publishers and distributors, simply send us your complete curriculum and materials list…and we will find the lowest price and share the discount with you, 50/50.

If refining and developing your curriculum is where you currently need assistance, we have compiled curriculum bundles by grade. Each bundle contains what you need for every subject, for every grade level: lesson plans, teacher materials, student books, reading guides, you name it. Modeled after Logos School, the pioneer of today’s classical Christian education movement, these new grade-level packages make this method more accessible for newer teachers and younger schools.

If you’d like to discuss any of these options, feel free to call me at 208-892-8074, ext.105. We want you to be successful as you provide a rigorous, classical, and Christ-centered education. May God bless you, and may your labors be grace to your communities.

Dr. Larry Stephenson
Logos Press, a division of Canon Press

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