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You have heard from us that God is triune, and, by God’s grace, you will hear it many more times. Whenever this happens, there is a danger of whatever it is being emphasized becoming an “in-group buzzword,” or some “denominational distinctive.” The fact that the teaching is biblical in many cases does not even slow this tendency down. It is a tendency of the flesh to want a flag to march behind—any flag will do.

But that is no reason to be hesitant about raising the biblical teaching like a flag. Some will abuse because some always do. Some will not get it, and pretend that they have. What is that to you? You follow Christ.

And in following Christ, you are a disciple of the incarnate manifestation of the triune God. The one who has seen Christ has seen the Father. The one who follows Christ is being led to the Father. No man, He said, comes to the Father except through me. How are we able to do this? We do it through the power of the Holy Spirit, poured out by Christ over His disciples to equip them for obedience to all that He has commanded. We all come to the Father, through Christ, by the Spirit.

But we do not emphasize the triunity of God so that we might know what to say as we are marching around in liturgical circles. The doctrine of the Trinity provides us with a theology of history, and this includes a theology of the future. God is in the process of growing the human race up into a glorious maturity. This is the work of the Spirit, grounded on the will of the Father before all worlds, and established on the once for all sacrifice of Christ on the cross two thousand years ago.

There are many applications to made from this, but one of the more pressing duties is this one—grow up. Religion in its entirety is not a security blanket for insecure toddlers, or a pacifier for the infantile. Godly maturity is where our triune God is taking us. We should strive toward this goal, together with Him.

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