Germany Instead

One of the ways we can tell how politicized the world has gotten is that it is difficult to say anything about one specific thing without weighing in on everything else in the world. If you offer an opinion, everyone wants to know how this opinion supports or does not support the agenda of the Party.

In my previous post on Osama, I said nothing about American foreign policy, about which I have said plenty elsewhere. I said nothing about Obama’s continuance of Bush policy, some of which I support, and some of which I do not.

Worldview thinking connects everything, and ideological thinking is an attempt to counterfeit worldview thinking — or rather to construct a worldview out of pressure treated two by fours.

Ideological right wingers think immediately about how Osama’s death improves Obama’s reelection chances, and so they swing immediately into action, finding fault.

I have more to say but I am going to go to Germany instead.

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