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I like bragging about my kids. God says we are supposed to, but I am grateful my kids make it easy. My daughter Bekah has now released a line of fabric designs, and went to a big convention in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago. Everybody who was anybody was all like, you know, whoa, and agog and everything, and retailers from Europe and Australia and the moon all ordered the whole line.

If you want to read an interview with Bekah about her fabric line, you can find it here. Make sure you go down to the bottom to see the video made for her “England Swings” line.

And if I may brag in other ways for a bit, the video was shot by my nephew Dane Saxon Wilson, who knows how to manhandle a camera, and the song is sung by Michalangela, my niece in another direction. You can get her version of the song, an old Roger Miller standard, on iTunes.

And I don’t think I left anybody out except for the cute granddaughters in the video.

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