Food in the Ark

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When the Lord gave food to Adam, He gave him the world as food. Only one tree was off limits, and every other tree in the garden, and from there to the world, was given into his hand. But after the arrival of sin, and the great judgment on sin that we call the flood, the picture was a little different. Noah was another founder of the human race, in a way quite similar to Adam. Everyone in this room is descended from Noah as much as from Adam, and so we should note how God gave food to Noah.

In his salvation, God provided food for Noah inside the ark when the entire world outside was under cataclysmic judgment. There was no food outside the Church, but there was food and to spare within. The apostle Peter tells us that the ark was a type of our salvation, and so here we are inside the ark, with judgment outside. The food is here. We have taken refuge here, and God will preserve us. But remember that God has not shut us up into a box so that we might live here forever and ever. There comes a time when the flood is over, and the ground outside is dried, the Church opens up so that the world might be settled again.

This food is for the world, but not for the world as it is. The gospel declares that sinners must do two things—repent and believe. That repentance must come first so that it is lawful to offer the bread and wine. That repentance means that the judgment is complete in Christ, and that all foods are lawful, beginning with the tree of life, beginning with the bread and wine.

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