Elms and Olives

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We have here gathered around the Table of the Lord. As the bride of Christ, we are like a fruitful vine, growing around the sides of His house. As the children of God, we are like olive shoots, growing up around His Table.

We often come here, mindful of how weak and small we are. But here is something that we need to remember. God does not measure things as we do. What is more impressive—a small grape vine, or a stately elm? What is more striking—two rows of grape vines, or two rows of majestic oaks? Well, the trees are more impressive, but the vines are more fruitful.

And compare the great trees with the olive trees. The olive trees are much smaller, and more gnarly-looking. But they are also more fruitful.


God delights in bring fruit out of small vines. He delights in the olive shoots around His table, and it should delight us to gather there in that capacity. That is what we are, and we must not chafe at what we are.

You are here at His Table, and He nourishes you here. He does not do it to turn you into a majestic tree. He does it to make you fruitful.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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