Effeminate Foppery for Jesus

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“Resistance to a mindless and fastidious approach to the Christian faith is a mark of Christian masculinity. But we live in an effeminate age, one that is far worse in this regard than the times in which Spurgeon lived. This makes application of his insight simultaneously far more difficult and far more necessary. Not only are we up against the pietistic foppery that has been present in the Church in every age, we are also up against a prevailing feminism. This feminism is very dangerous because one wing of it is pervasive in the conservative wing of the Church and is disguised as ‘traditional values.’ What many conservative Christians suppose to be the antithesis of contemporary feminism is simply that same feminism in its nineteenth century form. But this is like maintaining that there is an antithesis between being two months pregnant and eight months pregnant” (A Serrated Edge, p. 85).

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