Do Not Shrink Back

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You have not come to a mountain that can be touched. You have not come to a mountain covered with smoke and fire, and with a backdrop of gun-metal thunderheads. You have not come to a mountain that is cordoned off, so that if even an animal strays onto the holy ground it must be impaled with a spear. You have not come to a mountain where even the saints of God had to shrink back.

You have come to the heavenly Jerusalem, mount Zion. This mountain is a mountain that can be approached. This mountain is no less holy than Sinai was—the transformation is elsewhere. The sacrifice has been offered. The propitiation has been made. For those who come with faith in Christ, the anger of God is completely and entirely abated. You are the saints of God, and so you must not shrink back. You must not come with hesitation. You must not come with fear of punishment, for love has cast out that fear.

Faith approaches. Faith believes. Faith trembles, but it is another kind of trembling—we tremble as the Jews did coming out of exile, as those who were hoping against hope that it was not all a dream. They had been delivered; they had been saved; they had been brought near. This is not an invitation “too good to be true.” This is the next level beyond that—”too good to be false.”

In Christ, and in fellowship with Him, there is absolutely no reason to be fearful or diffident here. He has forgiven and saved you. He already knows what a sinner you are—He forgave all that, remember? He knows what He did when He forgave you. He knows what a sinner you are, and so there is no need for you to remind Him.

Are there then no covenant members who should be fearful of this Supper and its sanctions then? There are, many of them. But if you are concerned about it, you are not one of them.

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