Christmas Started It

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To be fair, we ought not to be too hard on the secularists for their ongoing war against Christmas. Because Christmas started it.

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, there were no doubt people in the surrounding neighborhoods who drank too much, or who quarreled with their wives, or who sometimes shaved the edges of their business dealings. And Jesus came for that sort of thing, no doubt. His authority is exhaustive, and so no sin, however petty, is outside the reach of that cleansing authority. He came to make His blessings flow, far as the curse is found. He doesn’t overlook the little things.

But He doesn’t miss the great things either. It is interesting to note where the initial conflict was. Jesus had Herod’s attention right away. The first clash was a political one, right out in the public square. The very first battle was what sort of display was going to be allowed on the county courthouse steps. And that issue was important enough, crucial enough, that Herod was willing to shed blood over it.

It remains that important still. It is no trifle. We have many pressing political issues in our day. But the root of all of them is this — what do our rulers make of Jesus? From the time of the Lord’s first arrival here, great men and rulers have had only two real choices. They must either bestow gold, frankincense, and myrrh, or they must take blood. There are no other options.

So then, we know what the crowds say, and we know what the Sanhedrin says, and we know what the Pharisees think, and we have heard from the disciples. But you — congressmen, justices, executives — what do you think? Who do you say He is?

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