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As you all know, Collision is due to be released next week, and it is doing really well in the pre-orders on Amazon. Lotsa fun, and thank the Lord.

I know that a number of you have wondered about group showings — for churches, college groups, etc. Here is how you might go about bringing a group screening to your local area. What you do first is contact Josh Karchmer at LEVEL4, the distributor for this film. You can reach him at [email protected] He will help make arrangements for you to host a screening, and flexibility is a real possibility if the packages are out of range for your group.

At the same time, there will be a lot of national media over the course of the next week or so (Newsweek, FOX, NPR, Laura Ingraham, Joy Behar Show this Monday night, Don Imus, Dennis Miller, et al), so that should be a help for any local event that you might want to do. As long as you aren’t planning it for next summer.

Let me pass on the basic rates for a group showing, and keep in mind the rate is for a showing bundled together with a particular number of DVDs — groups can sell the DVDs to attendees/members for $20/each to cover their costs.

SMALL GROUP SCREENING/DVD PACKAGE (recommended for audiences of up to 100). $500 would get you a licensed screening of Collision, and would come with 30 copies of the DVD.

MEDIUM GROUP SCREENING/DVD PACKAGE (audiences of up to 200). Same principle — $1000 would get a licensed screening of Collision, and would include 65 copies of the DVD.

LARGE GROUP SCREENING/DVD PACKAGE (audiences of up to 300). $1500 would get you a licensed screening of Collision and 100 copies of the DVD.

And again, make sure to contact Josh Karchmer at [email protected] if you need something else to fit your budget.

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