Bread and Wine Multiply

The Lord Jesus enacted the true nature of the world for us when He fed the 5,000 and the 4,000. In both cases, He refuted the central tenet of unbelief, which is that resources are scarce, and that God must be a skinflint. Zero-sum thinking is the idea that more for one person means less for somebody else.

In a closed system, say one run by a den of thieves, zero sum games can and do exist. But in God’s green world, He spends a great deal of time teaching our flinty hearts that the universe is governed by a generous Father. This Supper is like the feeding of the multitudes in this respect. This meal is intended to teach us more than that the bread and wine are good, but also that the bread and wine grow.

It is not the case that more for one means less for another. At this Table, more for one means more for everyone. Grace and peace be multiplied to you.


As we partake of this grace, look around. The more you share with God’s people, the more you have. Your love grows as you give it away, just like the loaves and fishes. As God’s people give to you the more they have.

Life is a mystery, but not a contradiction. So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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