As Thin As Obama’s Skin

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I watched enough of the just released footage of Obama’s 2007 race baiting video — just enough to get a load of his accent, an accent thick enough to pogo-stick across — to think I should jot down a few things here about mendacity. Or perhaps it would be best to speak of brazen mendacity.

This postmodern president has both steps in this Chicago two-step mastered. The first step is to dissolve all certainty, mush it all up, wrap it in a thick fog, disconnect all the wires, maintain that up is down, and stick to a story long after everyone knows it is false, and many other moves like unto these. An example would be to assert that there is an ongoing investigation in the Libyan debacle, and so comments cannot be made, except for the comments they are making, and all while not sending investigators to the site. To have an investigation, don’t you have to have investigators?

The second step is simpy to assert power. After you generate the fog, you must enforce the fog. It may be that some citizens are unable to speak of the fog in terms of bright sunshine, and so they must be whacked. And if anyone gets close to disconnecting your fog generator, run them in for some parole violation or other.

In response to this pomo clown car threat, the Republicans countered by nominating the queen of the weak sisters, and are busy disciplining any conservatives who noticed what they did. Don’t get me wrong — I hope and pray Obama loses. I believe Romney would be lots better than Obama, in the same way that Stage I cancer is lots better than Stage IV cancer. I just cannot bring myself to put up a Stage I cancer yard sign. It’s probably just me.

Christians need to be preparing themselves to stand against the state regardless of who wins this thing. My expectation (which could be wrong) is that Romney will win it walking away, and that we will therefore need to be in a position to provide him with stiff opposition on day two of his administration. Romney stands a far better chance of getting Christians to go along with his version of statist health care than Obama did. Right? Anybody think I’m crazy?

In the meantime, back to Obama. His pose is pretty thin, unlike his posed accent, which, as already noted, was pretty thick. How thick? As thick — Jethro Tull shout out here — as a brick. As thick as a congressional regulatory bill twenty years from now. As thick as the butter on a fat guy’s pancakes. As thick as as white black guy pretending to be an authentic black guy.

This guy is not racially amphibious; he is (culturally speaking) a racial hypocrite, a pretender. Obama had a black father and a white mother. He speaks in front of white liberal audiences, and in front of a bunch of black preachers. Okay. But which audience is he at home with, and which audience brings out all the pretence? Where is he faking it?  Watch five minutes of that clip — he is about as authentic as Elizabeth Warren’s cheek bones at a rain dance.

He goes on The View in order to be “eye-candy,” and sits there with pant leg hitched up, sock and exposed shin leering at the republic, like that old guy sitting around in the downtown bus station, and tries to project a cool vibe. Cool vibe? He has a desperate emotional need to be an authentic and radical black, all Malcolm Xy, and instead he comes across like Theo Huxtable after a couple of sociology courses at the local cow college taught by aging white hippies — the kind of hippie profs who have thin, gray, whispy ponytails.

How thin? As thin as Obama’s skin.



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