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There is no way to begin a post on this subject without referencing Mark Twain’s quip about the music of Wagner, to wit, that his music was much better than it sounded. For there’s the rub.

I have noticed something over the years at various music events organized and hosted by conservative Christians — events on the highbrow end, such as recitals and concerts. There is often a pressure, emanating from somewhere, to include pieces that are impressive, but ugly. The ugliness is obviously of deliberate design, and did not come about by accident. I am not talking about the random noises of a savant like John Cage. No, I am talking about piano banging, acoustical yelling, and other artifacts and exhibits from somebody’s over-educated brain.

Now I do understand how music majors at secular universities have to do this stuff. And they should, counting the days to graduation. But once they have reached escape velocity, and have piano students of their own, why should the noise continue?

My argument here is not complex. That which is ugly should therefore cease.

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