Another North Korean Missile Launch

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Last night I had the privilege of speaking at Indiana University on the topic of “Sexual By Design.” There were about 350 people, standing room only. These things are hard to gauge, but I would guess there were about 1/5 Christians, 1/5 liberals who came to hear, and the rest agitators. The agitation was whipped up in the name of hostility to racism, and what they had been brought to believe about things I don’t believe. It was fun seeing that particular meme stagger to a halt during the Q & A.

The agitators did their thing, but were, for various reasons, unable to shut down the event. One guy was arrested, a small “mic check” group did their thing for a few minutes and left (with no one following), the mob of protesters outside spent a few minutes banging on the doors, there were numerous hecklers through the two talks, etc. All in all, it was an exiciting evening, but the event went on. The agitators had had every intent of shutting it down, but it misfired, like a North Korean missile launch.

On the bright side, three or four secularists apologized to me after the event for the behavior of the crowd, with one or two including themselves in the apology. The university rep there was great, the cops were out in force, and they were great.

Our camera crew got lots of great footage. There are the makings of a great documentary here. We’ll see if it happens.

I gave two talks, the first on creation sexuality and the second on redemption sexuality. The first was about what I call pomosexuality — if you believe the universe is infinitely malleable, then a demand for malleable sexualities is inevitable. If you believe that the God of creation established fixed limits, then we should rejoice and serve Him (sexually) within those limits. The second talk, on redemption sexuality, was about Mary Magdalene, and was about how God the Father arranged for His divine Son to marry a prostitute. I think a number of people were surprised.

For those of you who knew about this event and were praying, thanks for the prayers.



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