And No Potato

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In these days of rising pomosexuality, the latest move is to challenge the very idea of a sexual identity in the first place. But this notion does not get laughed to scorn (in the way, say, that a fundamentalist would if he told a homosexual activist that all he needed to do was “find a nice girl”). He would get laughed to scorn because he is saying it on the basis of a fixed, creational identity, one that presupposes the veracity and applicability of God’s appointed order. Can’t have that.

The new pomo-argument (that a homosexual is not bound by the identity of homosexuality) is welcome news to everybody in this generation, actually, because in pomo-speak it means that we are not bound by anything.

The U.N. has, I believe, collected and identified five genders among the children of men, and thus it is that we now have LGBT, with S in the implied background. Others have begun adding Q, just to top things off, but you may rest assured that the fetish community (F) and the animal-lovers community (A) will not rest until they too are accepted. It may take a while to get gaybashers on the list, not only because G and B are already in use, and because bigotry runs deep, but also because no one seems to understand that gaybashers get aroused when they express themselves this way. But once science has shown the existence of the moral absolute that blood flow to certain regions of the body always establishes, then we will be done. Until we discover that bigotry has found a new fortress and hideout, which it no doubt will, pretending as is bigotry’s wont, that little children should be off limits.

In other words, pomosexuality wants everybody to be able to construct their very own identity, ad libitum, as though gender discovery were like playing Mr. Potato Head with an infinite number of plastic parts, and no potato. Potatos are way too confining.

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