Adrenaline Covers A Multitude of Sins

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“More often that not, Christian schools are run by school boards. Not surprisingly, if the board is wise, the school is blessed. If the board is foolish, the school suffers. Sometimes the school is lucky. The period of luck is usually the early years. The founders are dedicated and would crawl over broken glass to get the school up and running. Everyone is running on a good deal of adrenaline, coffee, prayer, and high hopes. Everybody does everything wrong, and nobody cares, because the adrenaline rush of starting a school is covers a multitude of sins. But after a time, the school is finally established, a headmaster is hired, policies are in place, and the board looks around, only to discover that they are still meeting once a week, and they are still debating the toilet paper rotation procedures” (The Case for Classical Christian Education, p. 179).

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