A Beethoven Blowout

As you have already heard, this next Saturday will see a marvelous performance of the Chorale Fantasie or, as we Americans would put it, a Beethoven Blowout.

Musicians have been gathered up from all over tarnation, and Logos choral students, and NSA choral students, and other singers have all been swept up into this musical mayhem. The NSA girls who board with us, and who are singing in this thing, have progressed through the rehearsals from the early dubious stages to a kind of penultimate wow.

If you are in the area, we would love to pack out the Nazarene Church this next Saturday afternoon. But besides urging people to show up, and of the opportunity to make pledges, we also wanted to let people outside the area know that we are accepting proxy bids and live bidding for the pianos via cell phone. They just have to contact Clint Hughes to learn how to do this (at 208-473-0293 or [email protected]).

And some pictures of the restored pianos to auctioned off are here.

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