Too Many Hypocrites in the Halls of Reason

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This is why I could never become an atheist or part of the skeptic community. Too many factions, divisions, snarls, petty fights, and so on. Worshipping the goddess Reason, they descend into frenzies of irrationality at the slightest provocation. I am tempted to say of them what Chesterton once observed about the enlightened ones at the French Revolution. They worshipped at the altar of the goddess Reason, when that was the deity who had smiled upon them least.

But there are upsides, I suppose. Pope-toppling is always a fun game, especially when the pope involved is silver-haired, magisterial, and clearly engaged in a torrid love affair with his own Dignity.

In the meantime, despite enjoying that aspect of this junior high food fight, we should all of us take a few steps back and observe how skepticism and rationality would solve all our problems, if only we would all bow our heads and ask strict empiricism into our hearts.

NB: some of the language in the link is objectionable. Don’t print it out to read aloud to your kids. Some in the skeptic community talk like the first mate on a tramp steamer, only without making sense.

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Jaida U. B. Pineda
2 months ago

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