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“Apologetics in the Void” are repostings from an on-going electronic discussion and debate I had some time ago with members of our local community. The list serve is called Vision 20/20, and hence the name “visionaries.”

Dear visionaries,

All right. So someone posted a joke that you all consider tacky, inappropriate, and possibly illegal. But if consistent pluralism is the case, then anything goes, including The Joke. If certain things do not fly, apart from assertions, then true pluralism is not the case. If true pluralism is not the case, then what is the governing authority for our speech to which everyone is expected to submit? And why?

So there it is in a nutshell. Are you pluralists? Let the guy tell his joke. Are you not pluralists? Then by what standard do you govern anything?

And incidentally, is this inviso-standard the same one that governs life in the government schools?

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