Burke the Progressive?

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Morning, visionaries,

As you may have surmised, I have no problem posting things that progressives find distressing to their tidy and very narrow worldview. And this is not that hard to do when dealing with fundamentalists who have no fundament. But I do not do it for the sake of being offensive — the point is always to point to the permanent things. The point about Edmund Burke may have seemed like a quibble to some, but it was a serious one. Of course we all quote one another in debate, but quotations like these carry an implied approbation, and I thought we should all realize what Edmund Burke would have said about those arguments (!) which said that making women keep their tops on was a violation of civil rights because men didn’t have to.

In an earlier exchange, I was exhorted with religious fervor to read the U.S. Constitution instead of waiting (as I apparently had been) for the movie. A delightful thought experiment occurs to me — trying to explain to James Madison that mandatory tops for women was unconstitutional. I like to imagine our former president’s eyes getting as big as saucer plates.

At the same time, I have no desire whatever to upset people over things like changes of subject headings and failure to put my name at the bottom of the post. With regard to the changes in subject headings, I like to think of it in evolutionary terms — letting arguments grow and evolve out of the Cambrian strata and into other exciting and progressive directions.

Lead us, Evolution, lead us
Up the future’s endless stair;
Chop us, change us, prod us, weed us.
For stagnation is despair;
Groping, guessing, yet progressing,
Lead us nobody knows where.
C.S. Lewis

Douglas Wilson

“A stitch in time saves nine.” Robespierre

“Apologetics in the Void” are repostings from an on-going electronic discussion and debate I had some time ago with members of our local community, whose names I have changed. The list serve is called Vision 20/20, and hence the name “visionaries.” Reading just these posts probably feels like listening to one half of a phone conversation, but I don’t feel at liberty to publish what others have written. But I have been editing these posts (lightly) with intelligibility in mind.

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