Yes, I Know There Are Many Godly Youth Ministers

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the call (2)

I am re-posting this on December 2, 2015. I do this because I am currently in the midst of a controversy about the sexual crimes (and immorality) of Jamin Wight, one of our Greyfriars back in that era, and one of my adversaries dug this up with a screen grab of some kind, claiming I had scrubbed it from my blog because I was embarrassed by it.

No, the reason it wasn’t appearing anymore was that with all the changes of servers, themes, and web guys over the years, some of the older stuff with images has gotten garbled. The same thing happened to other cartoons, even some as equally fine as this one.

This cartoon was first published a week or so after Jamin’s sentencing (or so they tell me), and the indignant want to know why I was joking about something like that at a time like that. Two things. First, this wasn’t a reference to any particular person or incident at all. Total coincidence, which you can believe or not, as it suits you. But, if you choose not to believe me — as some are prone to do — then that totally explodes their other running thesis that I was totally in Jamin’s corner. For if this cartoon was aimed at anybody, it was aimed at Jamin. I don’t think my foes brought this up to vindicate me, so the only thesis that remains is that I am up against a pack of agelasts, who do not understand how jokes work. And that seems plausible. Compelling almost.

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