Psalm Off Entries


Thank you for agreeing to participate as a judge in our Psalm-Off contest. Below are links to the various entries. The last one (Ps. 124) is from me, and not to be considered as an entry. It is included here for your listening pleasure alone.

With all the others, please rate each song according to the following criteria:

X — please don’t let anybody hear this

XX — make public, with thanks

XXX — honorable mention

XXXX — if Canon bundles a collection of these psalms for sale, this should be included

XXXXX — if Canon could see its way to offering these guys an album deal of their own, that would grand.

And you can email your evaluations to me, and I will average them all ([email protected]). Thanks.

Here they are:

Alan Burrow — Psalm 42

Everlasting Word Band — Psalm 42

Thomas Bailey — Psalm 136

Miguel Ruiz — Psalm 130

Bill Stutzman — Psalm 29

Holly Zahller — Psalm 150

Clint Hughes — Psalm 19

Brother Down — Psalm 13

Brother Down — Psalm 75

The Tallismen– Psalm 63

Jenny Geddes Band — Psalm 124

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