No Quarter November: Soundtrack

I know, I know. A number of you believe that I must have been holding back or something last November. I had said that it was going to be “no quarter November,” but if it really had been, then how would it have been possible for 2020 to go the way it has gone? One sees your point, of course.

But here is a little something to make up for it. Last November, there was a rough cut of a song that accompanied the teaser/trailer that we released for the month. A number of you really liked it and asked about it. The name of the song was Start a Fire, and it wasn’t quite ready to come out and show everybody how beautiful it was, kind of like Queen Vashti, only different.

However, the song is just about ready now. The release date for this single is August 21, two weeks from now. If you go to this link, you can pre-save the song, and you will be automatically notified when it releases on 8/21/2020. It is really good.

Also, let me go back for a minute to my first point. Because nobody wants the year 2021 to be anything like this year — to wit, like a canoe full of cinder blocks going over Ghostrider Rapids on the Zambezi River, kind of, and who wants that again?To that end, I hereby commit myself to expunge anything that might make me want to relent in my use of the quarter staff. My verse for the month shall be “neither shall thine eye pity” (Dt. 13:8).

And you can listen to this song repeatedly in order to help us all get our game face on.

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Thanks for the link. I have often wondered if there is ever going to be any good protest music from the wokepocaplyse. Where is the modern day CCR?